The biggest question we get asked is why we give patterns away when many Online stores charge upwards of £3.50 ( $6 ) for a single pattern. The answer is simple. We give patterns away so that everyone no matter what your budget is can afford to take up this craft. All you need is a book, by using our patterns you can enjoy this rewarding hobby without the expense of spending money on patterns.


  1. Shona Mackenzie

    Thank you for giving these free , I have already tried the Batman which my grandson loves , now my other grandson wants one too but Spider-Man .

  2. Teri-Lynn Murdock

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for the free book folding patterns. My mother is in a nursing home. I try to visit daily bearing some kind of a small gift. My mother has become the envy of all in the nursing home with the finished folded books I have given her. I have started to give them a to other residents, especially the ones that do not have any family visits. The residents enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. I just started book folding recently and have been going to every second hand store in my area to buy books with enough pages. Again I truly thank you for the free book folding patterns. Sincerely Teri Murdock

    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback! This message gave us a big smile knowing that our free patterns are giving someone joy at no cost to them.


  3. truckinbarefoot

    I have a question. On the second candle in the mark measure and fold category, is that a combi pattern. I thought a mmf would only have two numbers. Could you please help.

  4. Diane martin

    Hi I am new to book folding, I went to a 2hour workshop yesterday and really enjoyed it. So how pleased was I to find these free patterns to try. I have down loaded 1 pattern but it doesn’t say size of book required. I’m sure there is a really easy way of working hoe to do it but I have no idea where to start. Any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks

    • In order to work out the best book size for your pattern, start by finding the largest measurement in the pattern.

      Next you add a minimum of 1.5 cm to the largest measurement to work out your bookheight.
      If you are planning to add a large ribbon or decoration you can add extra in order to accommodate this.

      If you want the pattern to be central, add the lowest measurement and the largest measurement.

      To work out the amount of pages look at the pattern. If it goes 1,2,3, you will need to double the last number in order to work out the amount of pages required. If it goes 1,3,5 the last number is the amount of pages required.

      Too many pages is not a problem as they can be removed afterwards, alternatively you can try and centre the pattern in the book.

  5. Sweetcheeks 2264

    I think it’s wonderful that you offer free patterns because there are many people out here that live on a very limited income that enjoy doing something as wonderful as the book folding thank you so very much and I hope that you continue to offer the free patterns they are lovely

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