Today, we are trying out a trending type of book folding with a few simple designs to get you started. 3D Book Fold Image

We have made a new category which will hold all of our FREE patterns for all to enjoy. The patterns are certainly for beginners to try. Maybe, you could fold one of these patterns with your child as a craft project? There are no special skills required to complete these fun projects, just grab a book and follow the simple instructions in the PDF you download.

Happy Folding!


  1. jowster

    i would just like to say thankyou for giving us all these patterns for free,i have been on many sites while i have been book folding and your site is the best by far,its so easy to pick your design then download it, its so easy so you can just get folding straight away,i honestly have no bad points to moan about its just a brilliant site to get into book art ….

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