We are happy to announce that we have employed our very own custom portrait designer. This new service will enable users to simply upload a photograph they wish to be turned into a folded book pattern. We can also add any text like names, sayings and the like.


Our dedicated portrait designer will work on your finished pattern and deliver it in PDF format for you to start folding the design into your chosen book.

Here are some examples

portrait images



    I’m very happy to have been steered to your site. I have fallen in love with the whole idea of tackling this craft. Mind you, I am VERY BRAND NEW to this artform. Please be gentle in case my question in silly ‘-)

    Here goes: What size book is needed to complete any of the designs?

    Thank you!

    • Book height is the highest number plus the lowest number In the pattern. If the pattern shows 1,2,3 then you need to double the last number in that pattern. If it says 1,3,5 the just use the last number in the pattern.

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