Common questions :

The biggest question we get asked is why we give patterns away when many Online stores charge upwards of £3.50 ( $6 ) for a single pattern. The answer is simple. We give patterns away so that everyone no matter what your budget is can afford to take up this craft. All you need is a book, by using our patterns you can enjoy this rewarding hobby without the expense of spending money on patterns.

I Have Heard Bad Things About This Site And I can Get Into Trouble For Using The Patterns On Here.

Of course you have. We are hated for giving patterns away and offering Free pattern makers. You will be told we are responsible for just about every bad thing that has ever happened in the world. You will also be told you will get sued by every company known to man, your homes will be reposesed, children taken from you etc etc . You will be told the people who run this site poke kittens, are mean to rabbits and a whole bunch of horrible stuff. It is all utter rubbish and 100% designed to get you to buy there patterns instead of getting them FREE.

Why don't you have pictures of all your patterns completed :

We don't need to test out patterns on real books, we have developed a piece of software which is also available FREE that allows us to test out patterns and visualize the finished fold without actually folding it. This allows us to be 99.99% confident that every pattern we produce will work and allows us to make alterations to the pattern before it is folded. Commercial sites will claim that patterns that are not test folded do not work but don't be fooled. It is actually quite rare for an experianced pattern maker whether "commercially driven" or like ourselves" Free" to produce a pattern that doesnt work . We always welcome completed images of our patterns though.

I have seen patterns similar to those on the site, for sale have they stolen them from here?

In most cases it is usually one of a few things: Either they have used the same clip-art to produce a pattern or they have seen a design and attempted to copy it. We always keep an eye on various selling sites to make sure they our patterns are not being sold, but other than that there is nothing stopping anyone using the same image or idea to create a pattern. You will see and hear people screaming from the rooftops about "there copyright" and similar statements and threats to other designers. Trust us it is utter rubbish, 99.99999% of patterns have been made without the clipart designers consent for there image to be used for commerical purposes, and as such you CANNOT copyright something you didnt have permission to use in the first place. Just more spouting to stop other designers making and selling patterns. You will not find one single pattern seller who has succesfully sued someone for copyright theft or even tried for that matter WHY ?, "Because they can't".

Do you have a Facebook group ?

Yes see our main page for link